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Since 1986

Single Slice      The Pizza Box is an award winning pizza shop located in Milpitas, CA. More than 20 years has gone by, and the taste is still irresistible. Our real New York Style Pizza is made with 100% real cheese, our own special sauce, and fresh homemade dough everyday! We make our pizzas to perfection, with golden crispy crust, hearty meats, and delicious veggies. Whether it is crunchy thin crust or chewy thick crust, you name it, we make it! Our single slice is huge, absolutely enough to fill anyone's appetite. We have seven different sizes of pie, featuring the largest pizza in town!


7 different sizes are:
Uncle Sam

  • Medium: 14"
  • Large: 16"
  • Extra Large: 18"
  • S-Large: 20"
  • King Kong: 24"
  • Uncle Sam: 26"

Garlic Bread

      In addition to all the different varities of pizza. We also serve gigantic garlic breads, buffalo wings, and lasagna. We also have 2 jumbo slices of one topping lunch special, family special with 2 large pizzas, and everyday special for an incredible price. Don't forget to give those a try when you come for a visit~

Welcome to our pizzeria!

Pizza Sizes